Training and Workshops

P.N.A. Change Consultants was established order to service the unique needs of individuals who have multiple employment barriers.   Applying cognitive and motivational methodologies that have become well accepted in other fields of human intervention, P.N.A. Change Consultants focuses on assisting vocational rehabilitation services, social service and employment agencies to become more purposeful and deliberate in their efforts to support individuals towards employment.

Among the services provided PNA Change Consultants design, develop and deliver specific needs based training and workshops and motivational interviewing training , structured motivation based assessments and  case work strategies and consultancy services in individual  and organizational change management.


Cognitive Motivational Tools for Negotiating Behaviour Change

3 Day Training Workshop.  A two day version is also available.

This three-day workshop focuses on examining the myths and faulty assumptions about behaviour change and how these myths are maintained. Training participants to use a series of “cognitive motivational tools” the goal of the training is to develop a consensus of understanding about what “change” is all about and, how using these “tools” to assist their clients to develop “intrinsic motivation”, can effectively structure the quality of work with individuals who are “resistant” or reluctant to change. Read more…


Advanced 2-Day CMT – Counselor Hands On Practice Sessions

While the initial 3 day CMT (Cognitive Motivation Tools for Negotiating Behavior Change) provides staff with an overview and some familiarity with new tools, the Advanced CMT training helps to develop skills by providing staff the opportunity to practice. The results for skill development are best achieved when staff are provided an opportunity to practice and get personalized feedback in smaller groups.  The proposed 2 day Advanced CMT counselor practice sessions provides this opportunity. Read more…


Leading & Managing Change:
From the Individual to the Organization!

This training is tailored to the needs of the specific organization and its people.  Taking into consideration what is known about individual behaviour change, in the workshop managers and staff will examine and assess how an organization changes and what is required to manage and lead effective change. In the training, participants come to understand that regardless of the setting, action or choices that need to be made, there is a consistent 8-stage process of change that organizations go through. The process requires purposeful management, leadership and delicate balancing. In the workshop the following will be addressed  …

  • The Eight stage process of change
  • The Cycle of Change – Personalities in Change
  • What helps people to change
  • Assessing Organizational Readiness to Change
  • Initiating & Managing  Change in the Organization


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