P.N.A. Change Consultants was established in order to service the unique needs of individuals who have multiple employment barriers.   Applying cognitive and motivational methodologies that have become well accepted in other fields of human intervention, P.N.A. Change Consultants focuses on assisting vocational rehabilitation services, social service and employment agencies to become more purposeful and deliberate in their efforts to support individuals towards employment.

Among the services provided P.N.A. Change Consultants design and develop  and implements cognitive and motivational based programs. 

Some of the main programs include…


Contemplating ChangeContemplating Change Program

One of the most difficult challenges for counselors is encountering individuals who are not motivated to change from the outset… not ready to work or motivated to work.  Contemplating Change is a “brief negotiation” program for individuals who are strongly ‘pre-contemplative’. The program works with these individuals to create “dissonance” in an attempt to move them from pre-contemplation to “preparation”, where they can effectively participate and benefit from job development and placement strategies. Read more…



New Outlook on Working (N.O.W.)

New Outlook On Working is a group-based intervention that adopts a radically different approach in dealing with individuals on social assistance. Rather than focusing intervention on simply offering support and encouragement and/or on teaching basic skills for living, both of which are important in some way, the N.O.W. program hones in on what we regard as much more central in importance… personal commitment to change and the ‘insight’ that is required for these individuals to move their lives in some new direction. Read more…



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Ready Set Go (R.S.G.)

Ready, Set, Go! is a unique, group-based intervention program that adopts a radically different approach in assisting individuals with mental health needs to move towards employment. The program is based on developing the intrinsic motivation skills critical to making long-term change. RSG helps clients become “ready, willing and able” to tackle the core issues holding them back.


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